Self Driving Cars

In this article, we will talk all about self driving vehicles. Recently, a lot can be heard about automobiles that will be driving themselves. It has actually taken many individuals by surprise as if this is a bizarre idea. A substantial change is going to be created in our society by these self-driving cars. Technology will not really be the biggest change; however, the important thing is that how that technology will transform our behavior perpetually.

Below we have mentioned some alterations that we can anticipate once the self-driving automobiles are perfected:

1. No requirement for taxi drivers, truck drivers or even bus drivers.

2. We will require fewer cops as well as highway patrol for controlling the traffic.

3. Roads will become much safer with no drivers drinking or even texting whilst driving.

4. Since no human being will drive, it will imply safer roads. In fact, almost 80% of all the mishaps are because of human errors.

5. Cars will adjust to weather as well as road conditions automatically.

6. Cars will be able to take alternate routes automatically for avoiding congestion.

7. Self-driving vehicles would be capable of communicating with one another, making traffic much smoother.

8. Self-driving automobiles will be able to know about any hazard far ahead while a human driver can only react to what he or she actually sees.

9. The auto body repair shops will face some tough times.

10. Huge profits will be reaped by the insurance companies.

In all probabilities, there will be a dedicated lane for the self-driving vehicles. Eventually, since all the others lanes are going to be automated, there will be only one lane dedicated for the people driven vehicles. A time will arrive when human driven cars will be relegated to the rural country lanes and side streets and all the lanes on the highways will be meant for the self-driving vehicles only.

There is a possibility that humans might not like to drive their own vehicles since this technology might prove to be more efficient and much safer. All the toll collections are going to be automated. There will also be no necessity of parking meters. The self-driven vehicles would be able to send the necessary information to the proper party by understanding exactly how long you were actually parked. And this might happen even if you are driving the vehicle by yourself.

Everyone simply presumes that you can always drive your own vehicle if you wish to and making use of these self-driven cars will be optional. However, have you thought of the consequences in case technology does lead to much more effective use of fuel, much safer highways, as well as enormous cost savings for the companies which used the services of human drivers previously? It can be rightly believed that self-driven automobiles will most probably become compulsory. Once something is confirmed to be safer just like the helmets on the motorcycles, it is considered to make its use obligatory in the interest of the public.

Furthermore, the very same technology may be applied to the armored vehicles and tanks also, resulting in lesser human casualties during the wars than before. The poorer nations will be at a disadvantageous position as compared to the affluent nations in case of any armed encounter.


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