Google Glass

It’s amazing what a tiny piece of technology can do for people these days. There is no upper limit to the kind of possibilities and avenues opened by a device so genius such as the Google Glass. With the Google Glasses at hand one can easily say that the future is here.

What is the Google Glass?
The Google glass is basically a wearable computer. You can mount it just like you mount your regular spectacles. It comes without any glass and just features a tiny chip on the top right corner of the frame. There are speculations about association with Ray Ban to provide glasses for the frame itself. The first version was not suitable to be worn with prescription glasses; however, along with many up gradations, in the second version, this problem too has been solved.

What does the Google Glass do?
Apart from looking fancy and pulling up people’s visible status, the Google Glass is truly an effective piece of technology. There are many things that you can accomplish with this simple device. Here is a list of all the varied activities that can be undertaken by glass.

Taking pictures
You simply need to say “Okay Glass, Take a Picture” and it will do just that. Google Glass is fitted with a camera along with the chip which can click a picture the instant you ask it to.
Record Videos Hands-free
No more shaky videos because of moving hands. With Google glass you can easy record point of view videos absolutely hands free.
Live sharing
You can share everything that you see through your Google Glass live with your friends. This real time interaction across places will prove to be very helpful for many business enterprises.
Get directions
You just look at a place and ask for directions. Google glasses give you on road directions right in front of your eyes without having to look at any other medium.
Send messages
You can easily send messages to your contacts just by speaking it aloud. Google glasses are connected to your Smartphone via Bluetooth, so when you command it to send your message it sends it through your Smartphone.
Get facts
You can ask any question to the Google Glasses and it will respond with appropriate answers. It is very effective as a travel guide while you are out on a trip and need details regarding the place.
Voice Translation
Speak up to your Google Glass and it will translate what you have said in the language of your choice. In case you are traveling abroad, pack the glasses to help you out.

Purchase and availability
The Google Glass is available in five colour variants namely:
* Charcoal (black)
* Tangerine (orange)
* Shale (grey)
* Cotton (white)
* Sky(blue)

It is lightweight and durable. For everything that it can do, it is kind of expensive, but well worth the money. Make sure you research regarding where you are purchasing the Glass from. Currently, Google Glass is in test stage. And the company is motivating developers to come up with their ideas and suggestion on what they want Google Glass to do and how. According to a latest report from, Google is about to release XE10 update in mid-October 2013 with some new features for Google Glass Application Development.


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Electronic Tablets

A tablet can be a great alternative for all those people who have been using laptops and personal computers to play games, schedule work or making an important document. iPad are no doubt an innovative technology that uses touch system to manage different tasks. There are a number of people who have switched to tablets and have neglected the laptops and personal computers. The reason behind is the compatibility, mobility, and faster work processing. If you have also decided to get this innovative device for your personal or entertainment, there are certain things to consider and keep in mind. In addition, there are a variety of models available, which make it difficult for you to decide which one to go for.

All about different kinds of electronic tablets in the market today

1. Slate Tablet Pc

A slate tablet gives a look just like a slate, which helps the users to keep it anywhere and take them along. In this type, you can input information in a number of ways such as handwriting recognition, finger touch or stylus. It can also be connected to the keyboard if you find it difficult to write on the screen. There is a USB port available at the lower end of this device, which allows you to connect any device and use it on the go.

2. Convertible Tablets

Another form of this minicomputer that is very much popular among people is the convertible tablet. They look similar to the laptop, and the screen can be rotated 180 degrees. It is linked to your base with the computer. They are usually used all over the world just given that; they give the advantage of retaining a keyboard and also a stylus or an electronic pen.

3. Booklet Tablets

This is another popular type of this little compact mini computer that allows you to open it like a book. It usually comes with an electronic pen that has touch detection capabilities and these might be used for several functions like watching Television online, website searching, e-reading, and many other tasks that you probably do day to day.

4. Hybrid Tablet Pc

This type of little technological innovation is another addition in the line of this handy device. It includes the performance of two types, that is, the exchangeable and also like the slate tablet computer. They perform as a convertible slab when the keyboard is affixed and runs like a slate tablet if the keyboard is eliminated.

However, before purchasing your tablet, it is important to understand some basic features that will enable you to choose the best electronic tablet.

Below is a list of tips on shopping for the best electronic tablet.

1. Android Screen
When looking at the screen quality, check to see if it supports multitouch input for zooming web pages, maps, and photos. You also have to look at the screen resolution. The size of the Android comes in 5 inches, 7, inch, 9 inches, and 10 inches. Your choice will depend on how comfortable you are viewing the screen.

2. Multitasking
It is important to be able to multitask when using an Android tablet. There are now Android tablets that have new multitasking panels that are easy to navigate, easy to bring up with one tap on the screen and provide full previews of running applications.

3. Cameras
Today you can get good androids with two cameras, an outward facing one and an inward one for video chatting. You can even get a camera app with functions that allow you to alter your image, without having to download and edit it on your computer.

4. OS version
An Android OS device gives users the ability to perform many tasks on the Android such as reading ebooks, surfing the web, playing games, watching movies, and more. The best OS version for an Android tablet has at least v1.6, or donut. The OS version will be listed on the spec sheet.

5. Ports
A good Android should have 2 USB ports and an Ethernet port. All the ports on the Android tablet should be listed on the spec sheet. You should be able to see all the ports that you expect to see on the tablet.

6. Buttons:

There are 3 standard buttons you should check for on the Android tablet – Back, Home, and Menu.

7. Stylus:

When assessing the Stylus, choose an Android tablet that has a slot for it. Resistive touch screen works better with a Stylus.

When shopping for the best electronic tablets, it important to know what features to look for so you know you get the best value for your money.


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Self Driving Cars

In this article, we will talk all about self driving vehicles. Recently, a lot can be heard about automobiles that will be driving themselves. It has actually taken many individuals by surprise as if this is a bizarre idea. A substantial change is going to be created in our society by these self-driving cars. Technology will not really be the biggest change; however, the important thing is that how that technology will transform our behavior perpetually.

Below we have mentioned some alterations that we can anticipate once the self-driving automobiles are perfected:

1. No requirement for taxi drivers, truck drivers or even bus drivers.

2. We will require fewer cops as well as highway patrol for controlling the traffic.

3. Roads will become much safer with no drivers drinking or even texting whilst driving.

4. Since no human being will drive, it will imply safer roads. In fact, almost 80% of all the mishaps are because of human errors.

5. Cars will adjust to weather as well as road conditions automatically.

6. Cars will be able to take alternate routes automatically for avoiding congestion.

7. Self-driving vehicles would be capable of communicating with one another, making traffic much smoother.

8. Self-driving automobiles will be able to know about any hazard far ahead while a human driver can only react to what he or she actually sees.

9. The auto body repair shops will face some tough times.

10. Huge profits will be reaped by the insurance companies.

In all probabilities, there will be a dedicated lane for the self-driving vehicles. Eventually, since all the others lanes are going to be automated, there will be only one lane dedicated for the people driven vehicles. A time will arrive when human driven cars will be relegated to the rural country lanes and side streets and all the lanes on the highways will be meant for the self-driving vehicles only.

There is a possibility that humans might not like to drive their own vehicles since this technology might prove to be more efficient and much safer. All the toll collections are going to be automated. There will also be no necessity of parking meters. The self-driven vehicles would be able to send the necessary information to the proper party by understanding exactly how long you were actually parked. And this might happen even if you are driving the vehicle by yourself.

Everyone simply presumes that you can always drive your own vehicle if you wish to and making use of these self-driven cars will be optional. However, have you thought of the consequences in case technology does lead to much more effective use of fuel, much safer highways, as well as enormous cost savings for the companies which used the services of human drivers previously? It can be rightly believed that self-driven automobiles will most probably become compulsory. Once something is confirmed to be safer just like the helmets on the motorcycles, it is considered to make its use obligatory in the interest of the public.

Furthermore, the very same technology may be applied to the armored vehicles and tanks also, resulting in lesser human casualties during the wars than before. The poorer nations will be at a disadvantageous position as compared to the affluent nations in case of any armed encounter.


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All About Smartphones

Are you considering investing in a new phone? Maybe there are those who have suggested that you buy a smartphone and you do not understand what a smartphone really is. You may be having a million and one questions and no one seems to answers them correctly. Some of these questions may be, what do smartphones do and how much do they cost? Here is all about smartphones that you need to know, so that when you are replacing your old phone, you can be able to make an informed decision whether to buy a smartphone or not.

What is a smartphone

This is a mobile gadget that provides capabilities like those of a PC. This means that with a smartphone, you can do more than just make and receive calls. Most of these devices highly utilize wireless mobile networks and provide internet services, email, and call features that are advanced. They also feature a keyboard that is full QWERTY. The keyboard can be embedded in the operating system, or it can be physical. To offer the user a lot of control over the features of the device, these devices come with a touch-screen. These mobile devices allow the owner to install other applications that have been developed by third party developers.

What to look for in a smartphone

The powerful processors that come with these devices have greatly contributed to their sustained growth in the market. Larger screens and increased internal memory have also led to their demand. As a result of these features, the smartphones have been the fastest growing sector in the mobile market. When buying a smartphone, you need to be aware of the following.

Operating system

Numerous vendors have their own operating systems installed in the device. Therefore, these operating systems vary from one vendor to another. The operating system can, therefore, hinder or boost demand of a particular mobile device. Major operating systems include;

· Apple OS

· Android

· Symbian

· Blackberry OS

· Palm WebOS

· Windows Phone 7 series

Device manufacturer

On the smartphone market today, the main vendors are Apple, Motorola, Research In Motion, HTC and Nokia. All these vendors feature an operating system that is proprietary except the HTC vendor and to some extent Motorola. This is because the two have been assisting in the Android operating system growth.

Battery life

Apart from cost, the battery life is the next main challenge that faces the smartphones hindering their demand. This is because most the smartphones have a short-lived battery life, having some of them lasting even less than a day. The older mobile device models lasted even for 4 days, making it a great challenge for anyone who is shifting from the older versions of smartphones. In most cases, this is contributed by the heavy use and multitasking which drain the battery quickly.

Quality and size of the screen

The size and quality of the devices depend largely on the model or vendor you prefer. Most of these devices use the best technology in the display. This is because they have moved from LCD technology to AMOLED technology which is clearer and more robust. The on-screen keyboard is growing in popularity and so owning a device with a larger screen helps you when typing and keeping your messages clear. Media is also displayed better on a larger screen.

Third party programs

A smartphone device is as good as the programs featured in it. This is the reason why Apple is one of the best vendors since their devices have almost 5 times more programs than other app stores in combination.

This is all about smartphones that you need to know in order to make the best choice while buying a new phone. The rest of the information will be obtained when you get the smartphone. Take the time to do some homework on the device and model that you want to buy. Compare prices from different locations in order to get the best offer. You should use a smartphone to its full potential.

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All About Smartwatches


Smartwatch is in the trend of outdoing the smartphones. Due to the technology advancements, many people are having now turned to the smartwatch. These smartwatches have various uses and benefits to the buyer.

On the health services side, there are presently wearable gadgets that can help you track heart rate and even circulatory strain. Checking these parameters can be as simple as taking a gander at your wrist. There are presently gadgets that can track your rest designs, how quick your heart is pulsating, how far you have strolled today and these are only the tip of the chunk of ice.

Indeed, there are even gadgets like the Jawbone UP that gathers information on your developments amid the day and when you rest, dissected the information utilizing a keen application running on your cell phone and introduces that information in a simple to process way to you. This permits you to increase new bits of knowledge about yourself and can even help you change your propensities. All things considered, that gets measured, completes. Presently you can get every one of these parameters measured without much exertion on your side.

In any case, at this moment, these gadgets are chiefly utilized by people who need to stay in shape or screen their rest cycles and not used as a part of standard medication for observing patients. In any case, it is not an extend to see these gadgets being utilized by specialists and healing centers to track a patient’s status and malady results. It would permit a specialist to have more information to analyze, treat and modify a patient’s medications, taking into consideration better patient results.

Envision the world where your smartwatch or some wearable innovation is unobtrusively monitoring distinctive parameters of your well being, knowing when you are not dozing enough when you ate a lot of or too little, did not get enough practice when your blood oxygenation levels dropped, circulatory strain got raised, and the sky is the limit from there. Every one of this information could be broke down, and both you and your specialist could be cautioned if some predefined parameters are crossed. This would permit you to look for therapeutic counsel prior and come down with a sickness before it can do its harm on you.

Smartwatches can just capacity as a smartwatch when it has control, so a long battery life is critical. It will be futile on the off chance that it must be utilized for a day or less before you require charging. Similarly, as with all devices with a PC processor, all the more intense applications that require more intricate estimations or more dynamic sensors will go through battery speedier than less complex applications.

The Pebble figured out how to locate some center ground by utilizing power spring elements like its e-ink show to extend the battery life to 5-7 days. Presently, the Agent watch offers a comparative battery life by utilizing two processors to handle diverse capacities on the watch. They have additionally incorporated an exactness control meter framework that helps designers measure the correct power deplete their applications are putting on the watch. This will permit them to tweak their applications to end up as battery-accommodating as could be allowed. Control administration is not a basic procedure; engineers should observe the present power utilization rate as well as the span of the deplete. An application running out of sight for a developed period may expend more battery than one that has a high utilization rate.





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