All About Smartphones

Are you considering investing in a new phone? Maybe there are those who have suggested that you buy a smartphone and you do not understand what a smartphone really is. You may be having a million and one questions and no one seems to answers them correctly. Some of these questions may be, what do smartphones do and how much do they cost? Here is all about smartphones that you need to know, so that when you are replacing your old phone, you can be able to make an informed decision whether to buy a smartphone or not.

What is a smartphone

This is a mobile gadget that provides capabilities like those of a PC. This means that with a smartphone, you can do more than just make and receive calls. Most of these devices highly utilize wireless mobile networks and provide internet services, email, and call features that are advanced. They also feature a keyboard that is full QWERTY. The keyboard can be embedded in the operating system, or it can be physical. To offer the user a lot of control over the features of the device, these devices come with a touch-screen. These mobile devices allow the owner to install other applications that have been developed by third party developers.

What to look for in a smartphone

The powerful processors that come with these devices have greatly contributed to their sustained growth in the market. Larger screens and increased internal memory have also led to their demand. As a result of these features, the smartphones have been the fastest growing sector in the mobile market. When buying a smartphone, you need to be aware of the following.

Operating system

Numerous vendors have their own operating systems installed in the device. Therefore, these operating systems vary from one vendor to another. The operating system can, therefore, hinder or boost demand of a particular mobile device. Major operating systems include;

· Apple OS

· Android

· Symbian

· Blackberry OS

· Palm WebOS

· Windows Phone 7 series

Device manufacturer

On the smartphone market today, the main vendors are Apple, Motorola, Research In Motion, HTC and Nokia. All these vendors feature an operating system that is proprietary except the HTC vendor and to some extent Motorola. This is because the two have been assisting in the Android operating system growth.

Battery life

Apart from cost, the battery life is the next main challenge that faces the smartphones hindering their demand. This is because most the smartphones have a short-lived battery life, having some of them lasting even less than a day. The older mobile device models lasted even for 4 days, making it a great challenge for anyone who is shifting from the older versions of smartphones. In most cases, this is contributed by the heavy use and multitasking which drain the battery quickly.

Quality and size of the screen

The size and quality of the devices depend largely on the model or vendor you prefer. Most of these devices use the best technology in the display. This is because they have moved from LCD technology to AMOLED technology which is clearer and more robust. The on-screen keyboard is growing in popularity and so owning a device with a larger screen helps you when typing and keeping your messages clear. Media is also displayed better on a larger screen.

Third party programs

A smartphone device is as good as the programs featured in it. This is the reason why Apple is one of the best vendors since their devices have almost 5 times more programs than other app stores in combination.

This is all about smartphones that you need to know in order to make the best choice while buying a new phone. The rest of the information will be obtained when you get the smartphone. Take the time to do some homework on the device and model that you want to buy. Compare prices from different locations in order to get the best offer. You should use a smartphone to its full potential.

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